Outdoor-Start Einzelfahrer

Single runs - ticketed runs

Single runs cannot be booked. They are only possible when the track is not rented.

As a solo driver, you do 10-minute training runs at our track that you can even schedule one after the other if you wish. After every training run a brief pit stop is necessary, however, and then lap time measurement starts afresh.

A one-hour race, for example, is only possible through an exclusive track booking by a group of at least 10 persons (outdoor) or 12 persons (indoor).

At our website you can constantly check the currently available times directly by clicking on Booked times – indoor and Booked times –outdoor. Please note that we accept bookings until 5.00 p.m. on the day prior to the booking.

As we cannot accept any track bookings on Sundays between 1:00 and 6:00 pm, this time can be used for solo runs!

Kiddy runs can take place daily until 6 pm if the track has not been booked. Children drive separate junior karts in kiddy races. Different levels of competition cannot take place at the same time in go-carting.

Blocks of 5, 10 and 20 tickets can also be used by different people. You can use all vouchers either indoors or outdoors.

If you have any questions, take a look at the section Questions and answers. You will find further information under Opening hours and Prices.

Or give us a call at: +49-5194-98205-0.


Ticket rides for adults from 12 years and 155 cm

Single ticket14,30 €
5 tickets70,00 €
10 tickets136,00 €
20 ticket258,00 €
balaclava3,70 €

Duration per card: 10 min. 

Opening times / booking summary


Ticket rides for children from 8 years and 135 cm

Single Ticket9,20 €
5 tickets44,50 €
10 tickets85,00 €
20 tickets160,00 €
balaclava3,70 €

Duration per ticket: 8 min. Rides in the Kids-kart.

Kiddy rides in the electric car

Single trips, 3 min.
Kids from approx. 3 years: 1.00 €
Kids from approx. 5 years: 2.00 €

family ticket

Min. 4 trips, which are used by at least 2 persons under 18 years. The tickets are only valid on the day of purchase.
From 8 years and 135cm: 8,90   € per trip
From 12 years and 155 cm: 14,00 € per trip

Double seater kart

Riders over 18 years, passengers 5-8 years and also older persons who can not drive a kart themselves because of an impairment. [Nbsp]
Per journey (10 minutes):   15,00 €

Important instructions

Single rides are only possible if the racetrack is not rented. Please inform yourself about the booked times.
5, 10 and 20 cards can also be used by different people. All vouchers can be used indoor or outdoor.
Balaclavas are mandatory when using our rental helmets for hygienic reasons. Our balaclavas are Fairtrade and GOTS certified. [Nbsp]